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November 16, 2013

10dulkar, Sachin

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Although I don’t follow cricket these days, glad to have caught the glimpses of Sachin Tendulkar’s last test match. The school days that we skipped to watch him play, the silly superstitions, the big fight with my sister and how it ended with she tearing the Tendulkar picture I had stuck in our book shelf and me slapping her. The memories come flooding. Miss those fun cricket days(not the slapping part though!! :-)) The writer in the family can do a better jobof articulating the sibling fight than me. And I am sure everyone will get to read that in the commment 😉

July 31, 2012

What do you feel seeing this?

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Saw the following image in facebook.

English Translation – “You selected your wife. While your mom is a gift from God. Don’t lose that treasure for the sake of someone you liked/loved and selected.”
What is your thought on seeing this?
My household feelings,
Husband : neutral
Mine : Rage

May 30, 2012

Help the girl child!

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Our society believes that girl children are a liability. They have always been targeted. New born girl children have been killed and abandoned for decades. Ultrasound technology has only made this worse. Girls children are being aborted as early as 20 weeks, while still in the mother’s womb. Which is less humane, no body can tell.

Many of us feel strongly for this and due to many reasons, we have been arm chair activists. Now is a chance to be an arm chair activist AND make a difference.

Arti Home For Girls is an orphanage for abandoned girls children based out of Kadappa, Andhra Pradesh. Its founder Sandhya, has been working with abandoned girls children and women forced to abort their unborn girl children for the past 20 years. She has contributed in many levels and has made a difference in the lives of more than 1000 girl children.

Arti Home is participating in the IMPACT CONTEST. Winning this contest will give many unborn children a chance of survival, women a possibility to stand up for their girl children, educational and vocational training for the abandoned girls.

Please vote and show your support.

What to do:

– Click on the link

– Right top corner will have a link to log in to FB. Give appropriate permissions for FB, if asked.


Thanks a bunch, you have made a difference in a child’s life.

October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali 2011!

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Wish you all a wonderful Deepavali!

January 4, 2011

Day 8-9 Lima,Ica,Nasca

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On Day 8, packed our bags and the hotel staff dropped us at the airport and we left for Lima. We arrived at Lima around 10am and our tour operator/guide Mr.B was waiting for us much to our delight. We had paid him 60% cash advance and were praying all the Gods that he shows up! After getting some money from the ATM, we set off on our van ride to Ica. We went through downtown Lima to have a glance. Got delayed a bit due to some political rally. Lima is a city just like any other with its variety of neighborhoods (upscale, commercial, authors, touristy, etc).

The ride to Ica was long, stopped around 2pm for lunch. Had a good lunch of Pasta at a nice restaurant and what do we see when we were nearing Ica, see for yourself…. Bajaj Auto…

By the team we reached Ica, it was close to 5pm and our Sand buggy driver Mr.Ricardo was waiting for us. It was amazing to see the sand dunes in the middle of a town. We got into our own sand buggy and headed towards the dunes. It was a wonderful experience. The kids had a wonderful time riding the sand dunes. Right when we thought we had enough fun, the driver stopped on top of the dune and asked us to sand board. Wow, we had such a great time. The kids immediately declared that this was the best part of the trip.

After loads of fun, returned to our hotel. Had a dip in the pool with the kids, made some upma for dinner and called it a night.
Next day morning, after an early breakfast and rendezvous with parrot and parakeets, left for Nazca. Reached Nazca airport around 10:30am, and our flight was waiting for us. After a quick weight check and security check boarded our own Cessna 12 seater. Two more tourists joined us. It was a funny feeling for all of us since it was the first time, any of us were in a small plane. But we were so excited to see the lines. So the first few lines were fine, after the 2-3 line viewing, the 3 and 4 year old went to sleep. The rest of us were fighting nausea. Since I was holding hands with Chula who had to sit by herself across my seat, had to put a brave front. Chula held up very well. Since the pilots tilt the plane for us to see the lines, it really got to us. Somehow managed the short 25 minute flight without any major crisis. It was one adventurous ride viewing the mysterious Nazca lines.

After the flight, took a nice massage, did some souvenir shopping and left for Chauchilla tombs. It was interesting. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you are pressed for time. Then we stopped in a winery for lunch. Had awesome custom made vegetarian fried rice there. Got a personalized tour of the ancient pisco making process. Also picked raw mangoes from the grove there. We also got a nice tasting of the various piscos and wines made there. Then we raced back to Lima to catch our flight. Reached airport around 9:30pm. Thanked Mr.B for the wonderful and safe trip and waved Good Bye to beautiful Peru one last time.

December 26, 2010

Competition can do anything!

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Microsoft store in Mall of America, Minneapolis. One of 7 in the world. Started Nov 2010 right in front of apple store.

November 7, 2010

Thanimai(Loneliness, தனிமை)

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Saw Thanimai, a tamil drama staged by Krea yesterday. What a treat! It was just perfect, the acting, dialogues, direction.. Enjoyed it thoroughly! We watched it thanks to a friend (who is one of the main characters in the play) who highly recommended it. We are glad we listened to him and saw the play. It is about the loneliness of a aging parent. But wait, it is not one of those depressing plays. Very nicely done with lot of funny lines. The way, they go between the 1970s flashback and the current day is wonderful. And very cleverly the play doesn’t take any sides and state just the facts and the play ends on a positive note. So it is enjoyable overall! Deepa,Navin, Sathish acted so well. The person who played Sathish’s wife was so cute and was just perfect for the part. The chittappa character was so real. Wish we had taken our parents with us, they would have enjoyed the play. (Unfortunately the play was the same day they were leaving back for India). We dropped them off at the airport and went to see Thanimai! How strange is that?

You can check out the following links for more details:

September 5, 2010

Sunday lunch sept 5, 2010

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1) Homemade Pesto Pasta (Basil from the backyard)
2) Chinese veggie noodles with hot sauce
3) Baked Lavash Pizza with corn, cilantro, cheese and tomato onion sauce
4) Chinese vegetable fried rice
utbt and family were here for an impromptu lunch and I cooked after a long time since mom has taken over the kitchen these days.

May 12, 2010

Kids say the darnest thing!

I lift up Chula (from utbt) and dances. Then huffing and puffing the following conversation happens.

Me: Hey Chula! You are getting heavier girl! You are a 5 year old! Very soon, you will be old and strong enough to lift me.

Chula: Yeah! When I am 64!

Me: 64?

Chula: How old will you be, yy aunty, when I am 64?

Me (cursing herself for getting herself caught in this situation) : Well around 100 years old.

Chula: No Silly! You will be dead!

Me: ………………………………

Idhu enakku thevaiya? (Do I need this?)

February 9, 2010

Hair India!

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Wait! Before you jump to wrong conclusion about the title, this is about a documentary that I saw in Link TV. I discovered Link TV some 6 months go. Since then, I have been catching up a lot of interesting movies/documentaries in it like, Shelter dogs, Trails from the East, Sita sings the blues, A documentary on transgenders in India, etc. This is a not for profit World channel (Television without borders).

Anyhoo, saw this documentary “Hair India” this weekend. It is about how the hair from temples like Thirupathi get exported to Italy. Not only that the hair that goes to Italy comes back as Hair extensions back to the world. The hair gets sold for about $250-$500 per Kg to great lengths . The hair extensions from “Great Lengths” can cost a hollywood star or a bollywood star about $4000 and an average jane about $1000-$2000. OK.. Don’t faint on me now!! Man, you get paid to get your head shaved in these temples and they sell it for so much!!

I am in the wrong profession I tell you.. Jokes apart, Link TV is very informative. This particular documentary was also very informative, but not very well-made in my opinion. The narration was a little off. The couple of guys who were doing the hair transaction seemed very fake with their accent and attitude. I mean, that part looked a litttle staged. Otherwise, it was a good watch. Very interesting.

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