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November 16, 2013

10dulkar, Sachin

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Although I don’t follow cricket these days, glad to have caught the glimpses of Sachin Tendulkar’s last test match. The school days that we skipped to watch him play, the silly superstitions, the big fight with my sister and how it ended with she tearing the Tendulkar picture I had stuck in our book shelf and me slapping her. The memories come flooding. Miss those fun cricket days(not the slapping part though!! :-)) The writer in the family can do a better jobof articulating the sibling fight than me. And I am sure everyone will get to read that in the commment 😉

April 24, 2008

Cricket and me

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When I was in high school, I used to take off from school to watch cricket and my parents were ok with it.(Yes! We are a crazy family). Once I moved on from home to work, I slowly lost interest. Once, the match fixing scandal broke, I totally lost interest. My husband is still crazy, he used to go and watch cricket matches overnight on a weekday. He would watch cricket in stranger’s house, cousin’s house. He had no shame. And finally he bought the dish services last year and started subscribing for cricket matches much to my annoyance. He subscribed for the IPL cricket matches recently. I made so much fun about it. How can someone pay and watch a cricket match between Chennai vs Hyderabad?  I was totally not interested. So I thought until I saw the Chennai vs Mumbai match today. Though I thought I was not interested, the name Chennai super kings had some effect on my heart and I badly wanted them to win. And to top it all, the match was so close that my heart was in my throat during the last 2 overs of the match. Finally Chennai Super Kings won much to my relief! Looks like I still have a little cricket left in me though it is not the same as it was when I was in high school! To my defence, I still think it is all fixed and staged. But I cannot deny that it is good entertainment.

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