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January 31, 2010

ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவன் (Ayirathil Oruvan)

Movie: Ayirathil Oruvan
Cast: Reema Sen, Karthi, Andrea
Director: Selvaraghavan

Verdict: Good Attempt for a Tamil movie. Can be better.

Plus: Reema Sen, Reema Sen, Reema Sen

The story is kind of like the story line of any of the Indian Jones movies, or Mummy. The first half of the movie is well made. Reema Sen has acted very well! She has the bigger part in this movie than Karthi. She is wonderful in all the fight sequences. I would like to see her play Jhansi Rani. She would be perfect. The second half, I guess Selva didn’t know what to do and so messed things up. I liked that Selva didn’t add any romantic angle to the storyline.

Even though my Tamil is pretty good, still couldn’t understand some of the Chozha Tamil. So some sub-title would have been nice there. There is too much violence but it is more video game like. The poor graphics make it unreal and so it is tolerable. The soldiers violating the Chozha women made me cringe though. If I had known about that, I probably wouldn’t have watched this movie. For one, that was totally irrelevant to the story line. So all in all, the second half could have been so much better. The first half showed so much promise, but Selva couldn’t take it forward.

As for Karthi, he reminded me very much of the Paruthi Veeran. Hope he gets to do different roles in the future. Looks like Selva wants an azhumoonji in his life/movies and Andrea fits the bill perfectly in this movie.

In spite of all that, I did enjoy the movie(first and second half). I hope more Tamil movies are made outside of love/romance, adithadi/violence/dhadhaism.

January 24, 2010

Flights, Trains #$#&#$*@#$&

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You see, for a person who hates flights, I do travel a lot! While going to Zurich, a bird travelled with us in the cabin who was screaming like a monkey. Don’t know what kind of bird it is! Then the train from Milan to Zurich got delayed by an hour and half. Then my travel back from Zurich to home via Atlanta was another nightmare. ZRH to ATL had a mom, nanny and 2 little boys to add joy! The boys who were 2 and 4 were having a screaming match with their mom who was a real b!tch! She was a screamer as well. Constantly screaming at her kids. The nanny was no good as well! Everyone in the cabin had a headache at the end of the 11 hour flight which got delayed by another hour due to bad weather. At the end of the flight, I am sure most of the passengers got their tubes tied or got a vasectomy!

Now I am in Atlanta, at least it is quiet, but my flight has been getting delayed by 30 minutes every 30 minutes! God knows when I can go home and have to go to work tomorrow 😦

And don’t even get me started about the airport security sham!

P.S. I guess I need to borrow the the “Kala Tikka” from the mommy bloggers so that I can travel without these nightmares and post fun travel posts!

January 20, 2010

Guess where I am

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Guess where I am….. No.. Here is a hint!


Duomo, Milan

Yup! In Milan, Italy on a business trip!

p.s Thanks for the bday wishes! Here is where I celebrated my bday. Here and in Boo’s house. Bday celebrated in two countries. Swiss and Italy.. More details to follow!!

January 13, 2010

Hawa Hawaii!

Had a wonderful time in Hawaii Christmas through New Year! Visited Honolulu and Big Island with Boo and family. You can get detailed travelogue from Boo’s travelogue. It was a great vacation. We did the snorkeling, hiking, swimming, sight seeing, animal spotting, beach combing, sun bathing to name a few. Will put some pictures up sometime soon!

I booked my trip through Pleasant Hawaiian travels. They were good. But our flight seats were messed up due to a “glitch” that no one know owns up to. So our group was kind of separated. So in future, need to double check with airlines a week before so that we can set these things straight ahead of time. Since all the airlines, other than the good ones, started charging for Check in baggages, we didn’t check in any. We took it all as carry on. But interisland airlines are even smaller and their carry on baggage sizes are smaller, so had to shell out 10$ each for 4 our carry-ons. I hate flying. And I hate how the airlines are ripping people off.

We stayed at Aston Waikiki on the beach in Waikiki Beach. It was very nice. Easy access to the beach. There is a children’s beach right opposite to the hotel. No waves, calm and wonderful for little children.

We stayed at Aston Kona by the Sea in Big Island. It is a condo. The condos are ocean front. It is a wonderful to watch the sunset. Very helpful staff. Some of the best beaches in big Island on the West coast are Anaehoomalu Beach (calm, lifeguard, beach equipment rentals, restaurants nearby), Hapuna Beach(Wonderful, hite sandy beach, nice waves if you like wave riding, picnic areas), Punalu beach (Black sand beach and turtles on beach). We couldn’t go to any of the beaches in West coast. So no tips there. But I do suggest visitors to split their stay between Kona and Hilo that way, they can get to see both the coasts at an easy pace. The snorkeling is best near the Captain Cook’s monument (Keauhou Bay). And I saw a reef shark while snorkeling 🙂

Overall, it was one of the best vacations thanks to the company as well as Hawaii!

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