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January 4, 2011

Day 8-9 Lima,Ica,Nasca

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On Day 8, packed our bags and the hotel staff dropped us at the airport and we left for Lima. We arrived at Lima around 10am and our tour operator/guide Mr.B was waiting for us much to our delight. We had paid him 60% cash advance and were praying all the Gods that he shows up! After getting some money from the ATM, we set off on our van ride to Ica. We went through downtown Lima to have a glance. Got delayed a bit due to some political rally. Lima is a city just like any other with its variety of neighborhoods (upscale, commercial, authors, touristy, etc).

The ride to Ica was long, stopped around 2pm for lunch. Had a good lunch of Pasta at a nice restaurant and what do we see when we were nearing Ica, see for yourself…. Bajaj Auto…

By the team we reached Ica, it was close to 5pm and our Sand buggy driver Mr.Ricardo was waiting for us. It was amazing to see the sand dunes in the middle of a town. We got into our own sand buggy and headed towards the dunes. It was a wonderful experience. The kids had a wonderful time riding the sand dunes. Right when we thought we had enough fun, the driver stopped on top of the dune and asked us to sand board. Wow, we had such a great time. The kids immediately declared that this was the best part of the trip.

After loads of fun, returned to our hotel. Had a dip in the pool with the kids, made some upma for dinner and called it a night.
Next day morning, after an early breakfast and rendezvous with parrot and parakeets, left for Nazca. Reached Nazca airport around 10:30am, and our flight was waiting for us. After a quick weight check and security check boarded our own Cessna 12 seater. Two more tourists joined us. It was a funny feeling for all of us since it was the first time, any of us were in a small plane. But we were so excited to see the lines. So the first few lines were fine, after the 2-3 line viewing, the 3 and 4 year old went to sleep. The rest of us were fighting nausea. Since I was holding hands with Chula who had to sit by herself across my seat, had to put a brave front. Chula held up very well. Since the pilots tilt the plane for us to see the lines, it really got to us. Somehow managed the short 25 minute flight without any major crisis. It was one adventurous ride viewing the mysterious Nazca lines.

After the flight, took a nice massage, did some souvenir shopping and left for Chauchilla tombs. It was interesting. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you are pressed for time. Then we stopped in a winery for lunch. Had awesome custom made vegetarian fried rice there. Got a personalized tour of the ancient pisco making process. Also picked raw mangoes from the grove there. We also got a nice tasting of the various piscos and wines made there. Then we raced back to Lima to catch our flight. Reached airport around 9:30pm. Thanked Mr.B for the wonderful and safe trip and waved Good Bye to beautiful Peru one last time.

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