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October 4, 2010


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Rajini seems to have enjoyed doing a movie after a very long time. And it shows in this movie! Awesome performance by Rajini. None of those punch dialogues, smoking/chewing gum gimmicks in this movie.
Aishwaray Rai’s dancing was very good. Other than that, nothing special.
The second half animatronics, especially, the swarm formations of the bots were amazing. Very creative.
The picturization of Kilimanjaro and Kadhal Anukkul were wonderful. The locations were breathtaking!
Chitti’s conversation with humans. Enjoyable. Very creative writing. RIP Sujatha!

Minor Cons:
The train fight was too long and unnecessary
Too many songs

What else can I say that the others haven’t said already!
Overall awesome movie!

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