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September 12, 2009

Ha Ha Ha!

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I love Kadalai mittai aka chikki aka peanut brittle. This time I brought some from India. It is so funny!

It has “Supper taste” and it is made of “Crounut, Seasum, liquid clucose“, etc. I should use it  “Best before 3 months from packaging“.

Can someone tell me how I can use it 3 months before packaging? All said and done, it did taste good and is still making us laugh hard! Take a look at this for yourself, if you don’t believe me!

Supper taste!

Supper taste!

September 7, 2009

What is அடக்கம் (adakkam)?

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As far as I know, it has 2 meanings. One is in the self-control, modest, humble category and the other is bury as in bury the dead. When I was growing up, one person or the other kept drilling in my head, that a girl needs to dress with அடக்கம், walk with அடக்கம், laugh with அடக்கம், and the likes. As far as I am concerned, it is very important to all human beings. Anyway, that is for another time.

What triggered this post? Was watching Vijay TV at my sister in law’s house and heard Ms.Balabarathi MLA mention this and loved it.

பெண்கள் அடக்கமா இருக்கனும்-னு சொல்றாங்க, ஆனா அடக்கமா இருக்கனும்னா சுடுகாடு தான் போகனும். ஏன்னா, அங்கதான் அடக்கமானவங்க இருக்காங்க!(Loosely translated to, “They say woman needs to be with self-control (adakkam), if you need to see buried  (adakkamana) people, you need to go to the burial ground!”)

Ha Ha Ha!

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