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July 31, 2012

What do you feel seeing this?

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Saw the following image in facebook.

English Translation – “You selected your wife. While your mom is a gift from God. Don’t lose that treasure for the sake of someone you liked/loved and selected.”
What is your thought on seeing this?
My household feelings,
Husband : neutral
Mine : Rage

July 22, 2011


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A dear friend passed away last week after battling with cancer for 6 1/2 years! I am sad! But that no one could control! But Bomb blast in Mumbai, Bombing and shooting in Norway, Famine in Somalia and children are dying by the 1000s but the militants won’t let the United Nations deliver food because they think there is no famine! Why do we do this to ourselves? Why? How am I living my life as if everything is hunky dory!!

Reminder to self: Slap tight, the next time I complain about anything!!

April 27, 2011

A Husband’s perspective on CSA

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This is a guest post by Yaadayaada’s husband! This post is not moderated or seen by yaadayaada as yet!!

This one is for you yaada yaada!! I will always love and support you.

I have been reading some of the blogs posted as a part of CSA Awareness month. So I thought I will write my first blog as a means
of expressing my support and solidarity for this cause and also as the smallest possible thing I can give my wife yaadayaada who
has been a victim of this.

As a kid I have been completely impervious and fortunately away from such monstrosity!! These people who dare do such acts of
depravity are not human beings. Even animals do not stoop down to such levels. So there is no place in the living world for such

Unfortunately I am not as tolerant and I can’t turn a blind eye to this. So I often argue with yaadayaada that she should confront
the person who dared to abuse her! But I respect her decision and her argument that it should be the abuser who should be
ashamed and feel bad about it.

I am the kind of person who sees a lot of things in black and white. I know the real world is not that way. But I still feel that it will
give me a closure if I can confront such horrible people. Granted they most likely will not face it or accept it. But if I feel it gives me
a closure, I will not hesitate to do this. This does not work for every person who is abused and they will have to deal with it the way
they feel right.

I dont want to talk about what we can do to prevent it, as I feel there are lots of people here who have given multiple opinions on
that matter and I completely agree with all of them. I don’t think I can add anything more in this aspect.

All I want to say is, I cannot describe the feeling of disgust I have for such folks! I have always felt so damn helpless when we
(yaadayaada and I) talk about this topic. I feel that we can never come to conclusion on what can be done to prevent or to confront
people who do this (especially when the people who do such things are in your trusted circle). I would treat them (left to me) no
different than a person who would have been a stranger in this case. All I can do is to listen to her(yaadayaada) and feel bad and
sorry for the fact that she had to go through it.

So husbands or spouses, please be supportive to all folks who have been victims and give them their space so that they can deal
with it the way they feel best. This is the least that we can do for our loved ones.

Always, be on the lookout for suspicious activity even if it is not your own child or kid. Hopefully we can at least make such devils think
that they are alway being watched. If it was left to me I will create a bulletin board and put the photographs of every such monster
and publish it for the world to see and criticize. This applies to friends and family as well, not just strangers who do this. In my
opinion, if a person can stoop down to such level, they cease to be friend or a family to me. I don’t even want to be unknowingly
talking and socializing with them.

My heart felt sympathies to all those who had to go through this. I cannot even begin to describe my feelings against such lowly
souls of the society! If there is anything at all I can do to help this awareness spread I will be more than happy to give a helping

Thanks to whoever started this and to all the folks who have taken the time to write their opinions on this topic.

November 4, 2010

I am famous!

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Was bloghopping this morning and went to from Parul’s as he is one of the winners. While browsing through his posts, guess what I encounter, Surprise! Surprise!  My golu from last year!
Here it is at his blog

Have left a comment in his post.

p.s. First thing I did was check to see if my husband is blogging behind my back and he is not! Good for him! So I think I don’t know this person. Even if I know you, that is my bommai, my golu! Don’t have problem sharing the photographs but have a big problem sharing my golu credits. Because that is MINE MINE MINE!

June 10, 2010

Why Google? Why?

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Why did Google have to copy Bing and have those ugly background images? Very sad day for Google!

Update: Looks like Google heard that we don’t like it. They took the images back! Yay!

p.s. Bing’s background images are any day better!

p.p.s I shouldn’t have to log in to my Google account every time to get rid of the ugly background!

April 20, 2010


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This is what happens when they charge ridiculous amount of money for food, baggage, beverage, etc. Mother nature gets angry and grounds all the plane.

p.s. Very sorry for the people who are stranded though.

January 24, 2010

Flights, Trains #$#&#$*@#$&

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You see, for a person who hates flights, I do travel a lot! While going to Zurich, a bird travelled with us in the cabin who was screaming like a monkey. Don’t know what kind of bird it is! Then the train from Milan to Zurich got delayed by an hour and half. Then my travel back from Zurich to home via Atlanta was another nightmare. ZRH to ATL had a mom, nanny and 2 little boys to add joy! The boys who were 2 and 4 were having a screaming match with their mom who was a real b!tch! She was a screamer as well. Constantly screaming at her kids. The nanny was no good as well! Everyone in the cabin had a headache at the end of the 11 hour flight which got delayed by another hour due to bad weather. At the end of the flight, I am sure most of the passengers got their tubes tied or got a vasectomy!

Now I am in Atlanta, at least it is quiet, but my flight has been getting delayed by 30 minutes every 30 minutes! God knows when I can go home and have to go to work tomorrow 😦

And don’t even get me started about the airport security sham!

P.S. I guess I need to borrow the the “Kala Tikka” from the mommy bloggers so that I can travel without these nightmares and post fun travel posts!

December 2, 2009

I never fall sick!

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Yes! I never fall sick! No need for anti-jinx, because I have jinxed myself enough already. Earlier this year, it was this. Now when I thought I will be writing about my Pismo Beach trip during thanksgiving, I am down with high fever/headache/sore throat since Sunday. Could be flu, could be swine flue, could be anything. The doc thinks that, since I am young(Even though my sister thinks otherwise) and with no other complication, I don’t need any flu med and don’t need any tests either. So I am on cough med(codeine), nasal spray both of which are keeping me in a drowsy and doped-up state. All I can wish right now is that an anvil to crush my head so that I can get this over with once and for all!

June 29, 2009

Why is it so tough to plan an India trip?

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Planning for an India trip this month. Why am I obssessed about getting presents for people especially kids? Why do kids have varied interests and when did they all grow up to have their own likes and dislikes? Why should my dad and mil have 9-10 siblings each? Believe me it is tough shopping with a recovering ankle and why am I obsessed about shopping in person? Why do I have to go to Bangalore and work for 2 weeks? And why did the stupid me suggest that in the first place (knowing fully well that I can’t expense anything including my flight tickets and stay in Bangalore)? Why do I have so many things to do and so little time or why am I not utilizing my time well?  Why? Why? Why?

April 21, 2009

Thought for the day

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One leg looks like Rambha’s another like Simran’s. The injured leg is losing weight. Is that normal? So if I want a thigh reduction, Should I injure my other leg as well? Hmmm..

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