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June 15, 2008


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Saw Dasavatharam today. Enjoyed the movie. Pretty good movie! It shouldn’t be a surprise that I like this movie since I had decided to like the movie for what it is and decided not to expect anything monumental just because Kamal is in it. Sure Kamal didn’t disappoint me.

The 12th century scenes were done wonderfully.  The plot was pretty good. The movie keeps your interest for the most part of the 3 hour. The chases are awesome. The fights are great. Especially the climax one. Also the Japanese girl’s fight sequence with Fletcher. The background music was pretty good. The songs were very much part of the movie. So did not stand out. No duet non-sense. Kallai Mattum and Mukundha Mukundha are a treat to watch. Though Mukundha Mukundha kept reminding me of Konjum Mainakkale from Kandukondein Kandukondein. Wish Kamal had gone with AR Rahman.

12th century  Nambi, Balram Nadiu, Govind, Japanese guy, Paatti and Poovaragan have done a wonderful job in that order. Nambi was phenomenal. Made me wish a for a full-length period movie from Kamal. It is a shame that Marudha Nayakam got dropped. Balram Naidu was very funny. Nicely done. Govind being his usualy self with an American accent. That is as expected. Japanese Guy the make up was awesome.  Paatti did a wonderful job. Poovaragan was pretty good since Kamal is so versatile with his accents.

So overall loved the movie. Now to answer some questions!

Is it a must see? Yes it is.

Now do I think 10 Kamals were needed for this storyline? Nope. Avtar Singh, Bush, Tall Kamal,Poovaragan, Paatti, Nambi were not needed for this story line.  I wish Kamal had chosen a storyline that required 10 important roles just like Shivaji played Navarathiri. It would have been more enjoyable.

Do I think the makeup was great? Yes and No. Make up for Balram Naidu, Poovaragan, Paatti, Japanese guy, Govind(They had made Kamal look youngish), Nambi, Avtar Singh were awesome. Nope for Fletcher, Tall kamal, Bush! I wish they had toned down the makeup. Bush was ok since he was in for a few scenes. I wish they had made a good job out of Fletcher since he is in the entire movie. Tall Kamal though the face was not good, makes you wonder how they achieved it.

What about graphics? For a Tamil movie, it might be great. But could have done better. Wish they had taken some of the movie from makeup and the Audio release and used it for the graphics especially for the 12th century bit and Tsunami. Hmm.. I guess the hindsight is always 20-20

Did anything irritate you? Yes. Asin. She was pretty good as Nambi’s wife. She did a pretty good job in the first half of the movie. But started irritating me in the second half with her high pitched hyper-active acting. Wish she had toned it down a little.

Again is it a must see? Yes it is, at least once.

All said and done, it was a good entertainer. Had lot of fun. Still having fun talking about it. Overall Kamal did a wonderful job.

June 12, 2008

Old Tamil movies

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Thanks to Sun TV, have been regularly watching the old Tamil movies.  In olden days, the tamil movie industry was more creative than today. No doubt. All the movies had a well-defined story line. Was watching Chandralekha. What a beautiful movie! It was cute listening to the tamil spoken during that time. Since the movie was made around 1947, most of the technicians in the movie were British. Tamil movie industry has indeed come a long way in the past 75 years as far as technology goes! If only they start casting movies based on the story line instead of having a heroine, songs, item number, fights,etc since that is what everyone does! There are always exceptions. It will be great if the exceptions become the norm.

Another interesting movie I saw was Nalla Thambi with NS Krishnan, TA Madhuram and Banumathy in the lead. Though Sun TV had kind of butchered the movie trying to fit it in the time slot, it was still nice watching it. Saw Ethir Neechachl last week. What a wonderful movie.  Each and everyone of the character had done a wonderful job . How can anyone who loves Tamil movie ever forget “Aduthathu Ambujaththa paathala” Pattu/Kittu Maami combo!

Finally saw Kalaththur Kannamma. Nice movie. Kamalhassan was wonderful! Such a natural! All the black and white movies have a nice charm about them. Looking forward to catch up with many of them!! Waiting for them to air commedy classics like Bhama Vijayam, Kasi Yathirai, Bommalaattam, etc.

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