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February 21, 2008

என்ன தவம் செய்தனை(What a blessing)!

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When I was between 5 – 15, when I think back what made me smile, it was chocolates and ice creams. When I was 15 – 25, it was friends. Now the above make me smile but not as much as the little ones that surround me with their unconditional love. Boo‘s Ashu, utbt‘s chula and meija, ddmom‘s DDidi and Dlittle to name a few. Whenever I go to utbt’s house, I am overwhelmed by the happy squeals of Chula and Meija the minute they see me. They are just so adorable. They just steal my heart away every time I see them. I just don’t get tired of the happy sound of “Pemma” everytime I speak to Ashu over phone or Skype. Everytime I look at the sweet little picture made by DDidi and DLittle, it just warms my heart! Yesterday I was walking in the corridor at work and the thought of Meija just made me smile, that is when I realized how greatful I am to UTBT, Boo and ddmom for making these beautiful little babygirls. And of course it is pays to be this cool aunt to all these little ankle biters!

Waiting for Boo’s visit so that I can have all these little ones together at one place and have fun!

Thank you little angels for brightening my life and the ladies who made these little ones! 🙂 What a blessing to have you all in my life!

February 7, 2008

The finished product is not tested on animals

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During the holidays went to two of the famous body cream shops. One is a very high end shop. A tub of fruity flavor body butter costs 20USD. Their products are not tested on animals. That is a good thing, they don’t torture any animals. They use natural ingredients. The other one is very moderately priced, a tub of body butter cost about 5USD on sale. But they advertise that their “finished product” is not tested on animals. Can anyone tell me, what the hell it means? They tested each and every ingredient on animals but they did not apply the lotion on any animals in the end. I mean, I buy product from both the shops, so it doesn’t bother me whether they test on animals or not. But who are they trying to fool?

Does anyone notice these things or is it just me with too much time in hands?

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