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July 29, 2008

Censorship and Sun TV

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Sun TV screened Sakalakala Vallavan starring Kamalhassan, Ambica last week. Have watched this movie a couple of times before. More than the movie, the songs of the movie are the one that attracts me. So decided to watch this movie again just for the songs. My favourites are Nethu raathiri amma and Nila Kaayudhu! SPB and S.Janaki have done a wonderful job! And until today I was under the impression that Nila Kayudhu was song by Malaysia. SPB has totally changed his voice for that song. Wow. Hm.. Learn something new everyday! More than that these songs bring nostalgic memories of my college hostel days! Anyway, back to the point (Yes! I do have a point!). When they screened the Nila Kayudhu song, Sun TV censored the moaning sequence of S.Janaki in that song. Appaently they thing it is not appropriate. What the hell! They screen all kinds of songs where Namitha and the likes go crazy, but this small sequence in that song was offending to them. Go figure!

July 17, 2008


Watched Punnagai, Tamil movie released somewhere in the 1970s, starring Gemini Ganesan, Jayanthi, Nagesh, Muthuraman, MRR Vasu, Major Sundarrajan and others. A very bold story. Even for today’s modern Tamil cinema world. The hero marries the heroine who is raped by some guy and takes care of her and the baby born out of the rape. They both live happily married. Though the ending of the movie is sad, still very interesting movie. The movie is about how four friends take a vow to speak only the truth and stand by the truth. In the movie, Nagesh who is one of the four friends pitches this story to Major in order to get a book contract. So the whole movie is a narration by Nagesh’s character. A unique way of presenting the movie for that time period. The story is by Narayan Sanyal and it is directed by none other than K.Balachander. I wonder why he doesn’t take movies like that anymore. Maybe not many story writers like Mr.Sanyal.

Anyhow, loved the movie. Though I hate Sun TV, they do make me happy by telecasting a few good movies once in a blue moon!

Movies like these make me envy the olden times. Why can’t today’s Tamil moviemakers come out of their boy meets girl kind of story and take some real movies with real stories(with some real actors/actresses).  Even the old movies which revolved around boy meets girl had a pretty tight story line to support it for the most part. Hmm.. if only my wishes were pennies, I would be a billionaire by now. For now, I guess, I should be satisfied watching the old movies.

July 16, 2008


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Watched Wall-E over the weekend.  One Word! WOW!

Very creative. Only Pixar can come up with these masterpieces. It is not a children’s movie like Finding Nemo or Monsters Inc. But children would enjoy it for the cuteness of WALL-E and EVA. WALL-E healed the mind messed up by watching the violent WANTED.

Though WALL-E is about saving the planet, they don’t go overboard with the message. WALL-E has the right mix of entertainment and message.  A must watch movie!

*Saw in the credits that the movie was dedicated to Justin Wright. Too young to die! RIP!*

July 12, 2008

Mourning Doves in the backyard

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We have a history of mourning doves in our backyard. A couple of years ago a couple of mourning doves made the lampshade in our backyard their home.  We were glad to see them build their nest and tend their eggs. The mom and dad dove used to take turns in keeping the eggs warm. It was so beautiful to see. And one fine morning, the doves went missing, abandoning the eggs. There is no way to explaning the grief it caused us and husband/I were feeling guilty wondering if we chased them away without our knowledge.

Then this year, another couple(maybe the same), came and laid their eggs and tended their eggs and produced two beautiful offsprings. We were glad to see the babies learn to feed, walk and fly out of the nest one fine morning. 



Then a month back, another couple(maybe the same) made the nest their home. Maybe word has spread that our backyard is the moaning dove maternity ward. The babies were born 10 days back.

The little baby doves

The little baby doves

This morning, they had flown down from their nest to our workbench and the babies were practicing walking and flying. They were alone all morning.
At around 2pm, I felt bad for them and made one of the mistakes of my life. Went to leave some grains near them. One of them(the elder one) got scared and flew away. It is around 4pm and it hasn’t returned 😦 . So I am in mourning.

July 7, 2008


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Saw Wanted over the weekend. Good movie. Great action sequences. But very violent and gory. Not for the weak-hearted.

There is so  much violence in the movie that I was numb by the end of it. Also since a friend had warned me about the movie, was able to take it without shock. 

James McAvoy has done a wonderful job. Angelina was great, but she looked very sick. Seemed anaroxeic. Hope she is ok.

Overall, a good action movie for the strong-hearted audience.

July 4, 2008

Bush and Dish

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Caught this commercial on TV and was rolling on the floor laughing.. What can I say? Only in America!

Check it out..

Kung Fu Panda

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Watched Kung Fu Panda today. Full-length fun! The theatre had lots of kids. It was fun seeing/hearing all their reactions for the silly jokes. Husband loved it too. He prefers action based comedy to dialogue based.

The movie is well made. The action sequences are beautifully animated. Star-studded voice-overs. It is a treat to watch. Some of the scenes reminded us of star wars and Lord of the rings. It was cute!

Overall a feel-good fun movie! Or as the Panda would say ,”AWESOME”!

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