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May 30, 2009

Star Trek

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Saw Star Trek yesterday. It was a blast. Brought back lovely memories from the black and white days when we used to watch Star Trek in a Valve Texla TV on Sunday morning. The movie has a good mix of action and fun. It was great seeing Leonard Nimoy my favourite character. Zachary Quinto (Heroes Sylar) was wonderful as young Spock.  Overall enjoyed the movie.

Now nursing the swollen feet thanks to the movie outing. But it is worth it.

May 26, 2009


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Saw the movie “Taken” starring Liam Neeson yesterday. It was an action packed Masala OK Movie. The best thing about the movie was that it was just 94 minutes.

If I have to review it in 1 line, I would say it is a not so good Hollywood version of the classic Tamil movie, Mahanadhi (மஹாநதி).

May 20, 2009

Angels and Demons

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Saw Angels and Demons yesterday. I liked it. It was better than Da Vinci Code in my opinion. I read the book a couple of years back and have completely forgotten. So I enjoyed the movie. On the other hand, my husband and sister in law who rememberd the book were very disappointed with the movie. The movie has eliminated many important plots and scenes from the book. Maybe due to the pressure from religious groups. In spite of that it is a good watch.

It was great watching Rome in big screen. The only part I wasn’t impressed was the making of the anti-matter. They could have just said they have invented of anti-matter and it is stolen instead of the elaborate making of anti-matter.

Bottom line: It is a good movie for people who haven’t read the book.

May 18, 2009

Pixar’s UP

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My cousin’s husband works for Pixar. Thanks to him, we got to go for a free preview of UP. We saw the movie yesterday. The movie is great! It has a good mix of sentiments and fun. The little boy Russell is funny to watch. The bird Kevin is so colourful and cute. Ellie is also very cute even though she has only less screen presence. I especially liked Frederikson smelling of prune juice. Ha Ha Ha!!

Me with my crutches at Pixar

Me with my crutches at Pixar

The short movie before UP, Stork story Partly Cloudy was beyond cute. Loved it. Don’t know how people can be this creative and funny.

It was fun watching the movie in the midst of the creators. It was great watching the family/friends of creators clap when their names appeared on the credits.

The Pixar office is so nice with the 20 feet table lamp and the ball outside the lobby.



The lobby outside the preview theatre is full of life size characters from Pixar movies. Sully, Mike Wazowski, cars, etc. Since I have a broken ankle, couldn’t go up and see the other characters. May be next time. Time to start inviting the Pixar cousins home for dinner regularly. 😉

May 12, 2009

அம்மாவும் நானும் – Mommy and I

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You all know that I broke my ankle exactly 5 weeks back on a Sunday evening. Guess what my mom did out of jealousy this sunday evening (Mother’s Day), broke both her legs!  She has two very small hairline fracture. She is now bed-ridden. Our family is cursed I tell you. Boo watch your step!

May 4, 2009


Movie: Arundhathee

Cast: Anushka, Sonu Sood, Shayaji Shinde, Manorama

Director:  Kodi Ramakrishna

Verdict: Good Horror Movie

Plus: Anushka, Graphics, Spooky without getting cheesy

Anushka has acted very well. The movie as a whole is a good horror flick. A little high on the gore meter though. Not a family entertainer. It is definitely R-rated in my opinion. Some of the scenes reminded me of  The Mummy. The palace set is really grand and nice. I hear that it cost Rs. 85 lacs to build the set! The dance sequence with the drums is nice. I guess it will be even better on the theatres. The dubbing artists have done a good job. Wish I knew who was who. The lip-sync is a little off. But pardonable given that the Tamil version is dubbed from Telugu.

I would say it is a good watch for anyone who loves the Indian horror flicks.

(P.S. Please leave logic at home when watching the movie.)

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