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April 29, 2009

RIP Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty!

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Saw the news about Bea Arthur’s demise a couple of days back! Will surely miss her and Estelle Getty who passed away last year. I am a big fan of  The Golden Girls sitcom which revolves around 3 aged woman and 1 of their mother. It is so funny. My first year in the US (with no college or job) were  totally entertained by these girls. When people were going ga-ga over Friends, I was totally hooked on to Golden Girls Marathons and Reruns 🙂 Will miss you Bea and Estelle. I am sure you will still be in all our lives via Dorothy and Sophia. RIP!

April 21, 2009

Thought for the day

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One leg looks like Rambha’s another like Simran’s. The injured leg is losing weight. Is that normal? So if I want a thigh reduction, Should I injure my other leg as well? Hmmm..

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April 19, 2009

Fun with A & A

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Inspite of the ankle fracture still had loads of fun in Boodom. No matter what Antu was doing, she will stop that and dance/clap whenever she hears one of us sing Brindhavanamum Nandha Kumaranum song or the ABCD song. It was a delight watching her. She saved her special smiles and jumps for her periappa. Ashu was having a ball making me read stories from her new happily ever after book. She kept my creative side of the brain busy by asking me to make up story from any props she might show me (From 2 poodles to bear/jackal to snowwhite/shoes to birdhouse/car). Man, it is tough making up stories. After watching the foolish crow with her for the umpteenth time, now all I hum is Saa sing the sun flower in the crow’s voice that I have. Also both of us loved the Varan Varan Poochandi silly song from youtube as well. Didn’t feel like coming back leaving the kids. Ashu wanted her periappa and periamma to stay every day at her house. Wish we could do that!

Now we are back home and missing them! But the story telling to Ashu is continuing via Skype 🙂

April 7, 2009

My surprise visit to Boodom

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Came to Zurich to visit Ashu and Antu and to give surprise to Boo. It was worth it. Only Boo’s husband knew about my trip. Boo was totally surprised. Ashu was super thrilled. Antu was puzzled seeing the hangama.. It was worth it. The plan was to work from here until the 13th of April and leave from here. The kids are a riot and I am having fun.

Yesterday went to Hiltl for lunch. It was awesome. Then went to a birthday party with Boo and family. The birthday party was at a Kids play area with inflated structures. I jumped from a structure(don’t laugh) and broke my leg. Broke the bone near my ankle. More details about it in my new blog dedicated to my ankle woes.
Came to help Boo on the Easter break for kids. Now she has one more to take care of. Still planning to back to the US on next week. Husband is coming here tomorrow to escort me back next week.

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