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August 28, 2010

Harvest 2010

A sample of 2010 harvest. We grew okra, brinjal(white, purple and deep purple), chilly, capsicum, keerai(Greens), avarai(flat bean), tomato(roma, cherry, pear, beefstake, earlygirl), basil, green onion, mint, green beans, cucumber, methi(fenugreek), peanut this year. Due to the non-existent summer, harvest was late. But late-a vandhalum latest-a vandhu irukku.
Here is a sample!

August 10, 2010

Too Many Things Too Little Time!

What is keeping me from blogging! Writers Block? That occurs only to writers. That is not me. It is just that too many things are/were happening.

Boo and the kids were here for summer holidays. Parents are already here. Hmm.. Where did June/July go? Did the following with Boo and kids.

  • Ravanan – Amazing cinematography. Liked it actually. Prithviraj was great! Vikram was the usual!
  • Yosemite trip – Saw bears, beautiful water falls, on the whole, a wonderful road trip.
  • Santa Cruz – Why was it cold in summer? Global warming!!! The kids enjoyed though in spite of the cold
  • July 4th fireworks
  • Camping trip – Clear Lake with utbt. The kids Chula, Meija, Ashu and Antu made this trip fun fun fun! (And of course, the bhel puri, koththu parotta, veggie clear soup and upma added to the fun)
  • Meeting friends/relatives
  • Girls only Vegas trip. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! So can’t say much there.
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping
  • Butterfly rearing
  • Park visits / Picnics
  • Saw inception – still trying to figure it out. Wonderful movie
  • Saw Airbender – Not bad

Before we realized, it was time for Boo to leave. The house feels empty. Missing the kids!

Now, August has already started as another month of house guests and fun!

Sorry blog friends(you know who you are) whom we couldn’t meet due to this hectic July and to whom I couldn’t reply. But enjoyed your emails. Will catch up soon!

p.s Heard Enthiran songs, thanks Praveen for the keeping me updated. Did “Arima Arima” remind anyone of “Kallai Matum Kandal” from Dasavatharam?

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