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September 20, 2011


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Ajith seems to have enjoyed doing the movie and the bad boy image suits him better.
Ajith carries the entire weight of the movie.
Fast paced(Although the songs and Premji slow it down a bit)
Venkat Prabhu stuck to the script instead of changing it according to Ajith’s perceived image.
Lakshmi Rai, Arjun, Arvind have done a good job supporting Ajith. Lakshmi’s role is the meatiest of all.

Too long
Mediocre to bad supporting cast. (Premji, Magath, Vaibhav to say the least)
The background score and songs weren’t impressive
They could have cast some one other than Premji for the geek character. Couldn’t imagine a character like Premji hacking into highly secured systems
Lot of scenes remind one of the many Hollywood movies that we have all seen. (Onna renda eduthu solla.)
The women in the movie other than Lakshmi Rai are fully wasted

Overall, the movie can be watched one time. Decent entertainer. For me this is the thrid Ajith movie in theatre. The first one was Vaali, which was pretty decent. The second one was Citizen. (I still have nightmares about that, so let us move on), the third is Mangatha, which is a decent movie.

By the way, the censor board, apart from bleeping out the profanities, also blurred some of the bloody scenes and some of the hips and bellybuttons. I have a question(Enakku oru unmai therinjaganum), when they freely show the bikini clad women prancing around, why are they blurring the hip that peeks out of a saree. Strange people I say!! Did this happen in all theatres or were we in a special theatre?

September 5, 2011

US Open 2011

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Was in New York/New Jersey the past one week. A very good friend of us took us to US Open this weekend. It was the most a wonderful time of our life!! We had box seats, seated at the same level as Mrs.Federer (Althogh for a fleeting moment, the thought of selling our tickets for 1000$+ did cross our minds. In retrospect, we are so glad we didn’t pay attention to our thoughts!). We had the privilege of watching Federer vs Cilic and Serena vs Azarenka matches. It was just amazing. Husband went camera crazy. We were grinning half the time since we couldn’t believe we were there at close proximity. Take a look at a few pix that husband clicked. It was fun hearing Azarenka grunt and Serena roar in person!! Federer looks more skinny in person that on TV. Still grinning thinking about the fun we had!! Good company, great friends, great kids, good chaat, mini-golf, wii resort, US OPEN live from box seats, what more can one ask of a vacation!!

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