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May 26, 2008

Kannum Kannum

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Movie: Kannum Kannum

Cast: Prasanna, Udhayathara

Director: G. Marimuthu

Verdict: Decent movie. Not bad.

Plus: Prasanna, The plot

Minus: Vadivelu’s comedy track(Totally separate from the movie track. Very distracting), Lengthy climax

Pet Peeve: In the end when Prasanna leaves with the house, he leaves with a suitcase and a bag. Then he goes inside to talk to the heroine. When he leaves again he leaves only with the bag. The suitcase was left on the stairs never to be picked up.


May 19, 2008

Camping Trip

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We went on a camping trip last week with UTBT family to Camp Wishon part of Sequoia National Forest. It was a short trip. We left on Saturday morning and were back Sunday evening. But it was great trip since I got to witness UTBT’s Chula and Meija’s reaction to Camping.

Camp Wishon is a very picturesque place but a little difficult to find. You need to play around with the intersection in Google Maps to get to the place. We saw some beautiful hiking trails on the way to the camp site, we didn’t do any big hikes since it was a short trip and we had Chula and Meija.

Did some exploring around the campsite. Spent some time by the banks of the Tule river. It was a beautiful place and all you could hear was an occassional bird and the roar of the river. Chula and Meija had fun pretending to catch fish.  Here is a sample picture of the river.
River Tule 

It was fun figuring out the tent and pitching it. We had 2 campsites among us. Had lot of fun cooking our dinner and the breakfast the following morning. Menu included: Bhel Puri, Mac’n Cheese, Noodles, Upma. It was fun overall. The night got a bit cold. But other wise it was great!

There are many fruit orchards on the way to the campsite. Pomegranate, Peaches, Cherries, Organges to name a few. Had fun on shopping for fruits on the way. They do test much better than the store bought ones.  A place worth visiting if you love nature and quiet.

Overall it was great weekend. Want to make a trip again sometime to explore the hiking trails!

May 7, 2008


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Music has a beautiful way of changing my mood! I am sure it does the same to most people. I was listening to Tera Bina from Guru on the way to work yesterday and it just made my day! What a beautiful song! Hats off to Rahman. That made me appreciate how much the music directors and playback singers have enriched my life! I cannot sing even if my life depended on it. But I sure can enjoy them!
A couple of songs that I have never gotten tired of in the recent past
Tera Bina from Guru
Uruguthey from Veyil

Note to self: Should start playing more music at home!

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