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February 9, 2010

Hair India!

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Wait! Before you jump to wrong conclusion about the title, this is about a documentary that I saw in Link TV. I discovered Link TV some 6 months go. Since then, I have been catching up a lot of interesting movies/documentaries in it like, Shelter dogs, Trails from the East, Sita sings the blues, A documentary on transgenders in India, etc. This is a not for profit World channel (Television without borders).

Anyhoo, saw this documentary “Hair India” this weekend. It is about how the hair from temples like Thirupathi get exported to Italy. Not only that the hair that goes to Italy comes back as Hair extensions back to the world. The hair gets sold for about $250-$500 per Kg to great lengths . The hair extensions from “Great Lengths” can cost a hollywood star or a bollywood star about $4000 and an average jane about $1000-$2000. OK.. Don’t faint on me now!! Man, you get paid to get your head shaved in these temples and they sell it for so much!!

I am in the wrong profession I tell you.. Jokes apart, Link TV is very informative. This particular documentary was also very informative, but not very well-made in my opinion. The narration was a little off. The couple of guys who were doing the hair transaction seemed very fake with their accent and attitude. I mean, that part looked a litttle staged. Otherwise, it was a good watch. Very interesting.

February 5, 2010


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I am hooked on Aaromale from Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya.

The husband listens to that for the first time and tells me he has heard it before and plays this song from his CD collections.
Bad Company

Very similar huh! Even though I like Aaromale better. The start of this song does remind me of Wish you were here by Pink Floyd for my untrained ears!
Pink Floyd

Does anyone else hear the similarity? Or is it just us!!

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