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September 24, 2010


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Utbt tagged me in her post Facing My Fears. I had to

-List five of my fears.
-Link my post to the person who tagged me
-Link this post with a book.
-Tag five people.

I am going to keep it short since you very well know about my writing skills!

(1) Legs turn into Jelly when standing on top of a sky rise or any tall structure. But I still scale those heights and manage somehow.
(2) Children getting hurt in any way. I fear for them all the time.
(3) Eve-teasing. Even though I put a brave front and confront the offenders most of the time, still cannot avoid that twisted knot in my tummy.
(4) Losing a family member. Actually, the nagging fear in the pit of my stomach keeps warning me to be nice to all of them as long as they are here in this world. I should start listening to it. It is very tough though.
(5) Friends moving away(geographically) – Didn’t know it existed until it started happening.
Darkness, Being alone, Riots, unrest, violence, war…. wow, the list of my fears is endless. So let me stop here.
Linking this post to a book.. Hmm.. Brain! Start working! OK, Children getting hurt immediately brings the book, Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, to my mind.
I am tagging anyone who would like to take this up since I am not sure who all have taken up this tag so far!

p.s. utbt, you can put one of your fears to rest. I took up your tag!

September 5, 2010

Sunday lunch sept 5, 2010

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1) Homemade Pesto Pasta (Basil from the backyard)
2) Chinese veggie noodles with hot sauce
3) Baked Lavash Pizza with corn, cilantro, cheese and tomato onion sauce
4) Chinese vegetable fried rice
utbt and family were here for an impromptu lunch and I cooked after a long time since mom has taken over the kitchen these days.

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