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July 5, 2012

Brain dump

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Brain dump!

  • Did another 10K walk for Vibha with some friends second week of June while the other half ran a half marathon. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Want to walk a half marathon. Let us see.
  • A dear friend from college days came to visit. It was great catching up while the husband made awesome dosas for us.
  • Hiked the Mission Peak , Fremont with husband and some friends! Was awesome. Great sense of accomplishment! Although my calf muscles and gluts were cursing me for the rest of the week! Want to do more of these hikes.
  • Checked out a relatively new Thai restaurant nearby . Was great! Nice ambience, reasonable price, good food, nice drinks. More importantly, they know what I mean when I ask for vegetarian!
  • Plums are ripening faster than we can consume!! Tomatoes, beans, bell peppers, green peppers and other veggies are doing great!
  • Lots of good news at work for my team!
  • Bought new dining table set and a couch. Rearranged the house(More like husband made me accept the rearrangement plan!)
  • Had a fun BBQ with friends for July 4th. Ended the day with a dip in a friend’s pool with their kids!!
  • Another dear friend is planning a trip to my place in Aug! Looking forward to it!!
  • Have a growing list of people that I need to invite home for dinner! Need to get to that!!
  • It will be a year since we lost a good friend. Hope he is having fun on the other side! Recently a colleague of mine lost his battle to cancer! He was only 52 when he passed away couple of days back! I have a 101 year old recently bed ridden grand uncle awaiting for his turn! A hale and healthy 96 year old grandma who claims she is ready to go see the other side. While they are waiting, a neighbor of theirs, all of 52 years old, suddenly passed away due to a heart attack! Grandma wondering why Yama forgot about the grand uncle and herself! Don’t understand the game plan of God!!


March 2, 2012

Tit for tat!

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Well! Boo prompted me to write and I had nothing to write. So guess what she did!! Remember this from 3 years back! Sis decided it was her turn and messed her leg up over President’s day weekend. For more details on the sequence of events, go here! When she called to let me know of the accident, I was in Denver. Was worried sick after hearing the news! Came back home, told work that I will be remote, booked tickets and left for Zurich. Nieces are super thrilled with this unplanned visit! Since I came here, have driven around couple of times to drop/pick up kids to/from school with Brother in law as navigator.

Also celebrated my wedding anniversary across the oceans this time. Guess it is the first time in 14 years that we are apart on our anniversary! (Not blaming you sis!! Don’t look at me with guilt!!;-)). Bil got me a jewellery tree and a massager for the husband!! Sis made some lemon cake in spite of her messed up leg!! So it was nice! Husband had an uneventful day back home!!

We are eagerly awaiting mom’s arrival next week. Her visa finally arrived. Will leave after she comes. After going back, will be leaving for India. 2012, personal trips year I guess!! Looks like 2012 is dishing some not so fun surprises to a lot of folks. So stay safe everyone!!

October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali 2011!

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Wish you all a wonderful Deepavali!

October 24, 2011

Visit to Boodom 2011

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Had a wonderful time in Zurich with Ashu, Antu, Boo and Boo’s Hd. Ashu was thrilled since my visit was a surprise to her. Antu was not very thrilled. She took time to warm up to me or she teased me, only she knows. Antu declared, she doesn’t like me with a smile. And she kept repeating till the last day with a naughty smile. Every time I told her I liked her, her answer was, “Perimma kku enna pidikkum, enakku perimma pudikkadhu(Perimma likes me, but I don’t like perimma)”. Although on the last day, she had her bags packed and was ready to leave with me to OOOYES(US) leaving her amma/appa/akka. Stay at Boo’s house was a welcome change of pace in the midst of my week day work trips to Germany. We did squeeze in hikes, dinners during the weekend. We went to a super tasty Italian restaurant with family and a girls night out to Movie restaurant where I had a fake birthday celebration since the birthday girl didn’t show up.
Over the weekend, we went for a 4 hour hike at Alt St.Johann. The kids were such a sport walking without complaining. Here are some pictures. Isn’t it such a fun idea to have kids-friendly trails? Only Swiss can think of these wonderful ideas!!

Hiking trip


Also took a walk in the woods with the Ashu and Boo. It was a beautiful morning.

Walk in the woods

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