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December 17, 2009

Here they are!

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Boo‘s clan and my mom are here. The next couple of weeks are gonna be so fast that it will be time for them to go back to their land again! So enjoying the most with the kids! I have fully recovered from my fever/sore throat. Waiting for the Christmas holidays so I can be with them 24/7.

December 2, 2009

I never fall sick!

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Yes! I never fall sick! No need for anti-jinx, because I have jinxed myself enough already. Earlier this year, it was this. Now when I thought I will be writing about my Pismo Beach trip during thanksgiving, I am down with high fever/headache/sore throat since Sunday. Could be flu, could be swine flue, could be anything. The doc thinks that, since I am young(Even though my sister thinks otherwise) and with no other complication, I don’t need any flu med and don’t need any tests either. So I am on cough med(codeine), nasal spray both of which are keeping me in a drowsy and doped-up state. All I can wish right now is that an anvil to crush my head so that I can get this over with once and for all!

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