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May 26, 2010

Kids… Do I have to say more?

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Meija’s birthday was fast approaching. And here is how the conversation went.

Me: What do you want for your bday?

M: Butterfly gift!

Me: What is that?

M: A Butterfly necklace!

Me: Huh!

M: Yes Aunty! A Butterfly necklace. Only 1 butterfly in the middle and white beads on the sides.

Me: Huh!

M: Not one of those long chains like my mom has. It should be like this. (She shows that it should be like a choker.)

Me: OK! I will see if I can find it! Do you need anything else?

M: Nope! Only a butterfly necklace.

(Chula tries to help me)

C: Look! You could go and check out Michael’s! You might find something there!

(While all this is happening, utbt is rolling with laughter, asking me “Idhu unakku thevaiya? why do you need to ask her? Nalla venum unakku!”)

So YY goes looking for butterfly necklace. YY’s mother in law hunts in T Nagar, Pondy Bazaar and finds nothing.

Finally on the day of her bday, I suddenly remember Chula’s suggestion and go to Michael’s. And found white beads, some butterfly beads, elastic band. And after a few minutes of stringing them all together, Voila!

Chula and Meija very impressed. And a very content YY (Even though Meija was more impressed with the silver color purse in which I packed the necklace)!

May 12, 2010

Kids say the darnest thing!

I lift up Chula (from utbt) and dances. Then huffing and puffing the following conversation happens.

Me: Hey Chula! You are getting heavier girl! You are a 5 year old! Very soon, you will be old and strong enough to lift me.

Chula: Yeah! When I am 64!

Me: 64?

Chula: How old will you be, yy aunty, when I am 64?

Me (cursing herself for getting herself caught in this situation) : Well around 100 years old.

Chula: No Silly! You will be dead!

Me: ………………………………

Idhu enakku thevaiya? (Do I need this?)

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