This and That

May 4, 2009


Movie: Arundhathee

Cast: Anushka, Sonu Sood, Shayaji Shinde, Manorama

Director:  Kodi Ramakrishna

Verdict: Good Horror Movie

Plus: Anushka, Graphics, Spooky without getting cheesy

Anushka has acted very well. The movie as a whole is a good horror flick. A little high on the gore meter though. Not a family entertainer. It is definitely R-rated in my opinion. Some of the scenes reminded me of  The Mummy. The palace set is really grand and nice. I hear that it cost Rs. 85 lacs to build the set! The dance sequence with the drums is nice. I guess it will be even better on the theatres. The dubbing artists have done a good job. Wish I knew who was who. The lip-sync is a little off. But pardonable given that the Tamil version is dubbed from Telugu.

I would say it is a good watch for anyone who loves the Indian horror flicks.

(P.S. Please leave logic at home when watching the movie.)

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