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October 2, 2008

Vaazhkkai (Life), the movie and my first stage performance

Was watching Vaazhkkai, the old tamil movie in Sun TV this week. Vyjayanthimala must have been in her teens when she acted in this movie.  It was her first movie. She dances so gracefully and she looks so cute. Lalitha and Padmini have done the opening dance.(Realised that they were Lalitha/Padmini only after seeing the credits. They are so young as well.) It was a decent movie although the character Meenatchi played by Draupadi irritated me to end with the constant crying.

More than the movie, the songs brought back wonderful memories of my childhood. We played a dance/drama in school when I was in LKG. We enacted (The teachers made us enact) the story of the Foolish Lion and Clever Rabbit. And we would sing the song “un kan unnai emaatrinal en mel kobam undavadhen” once the lion gets angry seeing its reflection. Once the lion dies by jumping into the well, we would all sing “enni enni paarkombodhu ullam kondaaduthe,…. kutti muyal gettikaara thanam theriyum” in the same tune of the song “enni enni paarumbodhu ullam kondaaduthe” from this movie. Since no one would ask me what role I played, let me put it down without further much ado. I was one of the 20+ animals/birds who sang in chorus. I was a parrot with a parrot mask and a green maxi! Hmm… those good old days! Thanks to this movie screening got to recall those memories.

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