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November 14, 2009


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Watched Aadhavan last night with husband and a friend. The friend and Surya were the motivators for hitting the theatre. It is a typical “leave your brain at home” kind of movie. Hope Surya chooses better in future. Coming back to the movie. The first half is good even though it takes a sudden turn from being a hard core action movie to a comedy. Clean and entertaining comedy. The second half is a drag.
The songs were misplaced and not needed. The costumes in the song were lesser said the better. I am pretty sure Surya is reusing Jyothika’s costumes. I pray that he start wearing man clothes.


June 17, 2009

Ayan (அயன்)

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Saw Ayan this weekend. Caught it in a low quality DVD. Wish had seen the fight sequences in big screen, since that was the only nice thing about this movie. Thamanna, She can’t act, she is not pretty. Lesser said about her the better! Surya looks good. But he should either use his brain or listen to some one who has brain and pick good movies with good storyline.

The first fight sequence reminds us of Casino Royale and one of the Bourne movies. The first half is loosely based on Blood Diamond. The second half is very much based on Maria full of grace. The ending is like Catch me if you can. Can anyone do any more cut/paste?

Edited to Add: Oh! I completely forgot about the villain. Man, some villains are scary and some villains are smart and some are just handsome. This one beats all. He is dumb. Felt like taking him aside, give a tight slap on his face and give him a good hair cut!

November 24, 2008

Vaaranam Ayiram

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Went to see Vaaranam Ayiram with low expectation after reading bbthots and boo’s reviews. That helped. Surya is awesome! His acting is wonderful! You don’t even think for a minute that the dad(rather daddy) role and the son role are played by the same person. The songs are great! Simran has done a good job.

But as a director, I have to say Gautham Menon has failed! The story didn’t convey the father/son bond that he wanted to convey very well. I didn’t mind the english dialogues in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. But in this movie, it seemed so out of place! They weren’t natural. The expectations from Gautham Menon is great! He didn’t meet it in this movie! After seeing this movie, one thing for sure, no one would have the urge to call their dad, daddy!

Inspite of the pitfalls, it is a decent movie overall! Must see if you are a Surya fan! As for Gautham Menon, hope Chennaiyil Mazhaikaalam satisfies our expectations!

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