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March 18, 2008

A day in Cabo San Lucas

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Our cruise ship docked in Cabo San Lucas for a day. Husband, mom and father in law went for Whale watching. Pretty expensive but they had a good time. They were totally sun burnt and tired but very excited at the end of it. They saw loads of whales and dolphins. The rest of us including the children came to the port with the help of tender boats as Cabo San Lucas is a soft port. Hired ourselves a private glass bottom boat and toured the ocean, saw beautiful fish, lot of sea lions, rock formations, crabs and came back to the shore. We had loads of fun for the 100USD we paid for the 12 of us total. After that Boo‘s Hd and my BIL went on parasailing. They were mighty pleased with their parasailing experience they kept on bragging about it. After lunch, husband and I got into the excitement and wanted to go for parasailing. Mom, dad, FIL and surprisingly MIL also decided to join us for parasailing. We went tandem. Husband and my mom, my MIL and I, FIL and dad. It was major fun. My mom had the time of her life. Whale watching in the morning, parasailing in the evening. We had to be back to the ship by 4pm and we were parasailing until 3:45 pm. Hurried back to the tender boat to join with the rest of the gang who had gone to the beaches to enjoy. Overall it was great fun seeing the oldies enjoy parasailing. Boo’s Hd doesn’t brag about his parasailing any more thanks to the oldies. Now I guess Boo’s Hd must bungee jump to top the oldies’ achievements.

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