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August 22, 2008

dabba dabba dabba

Aren’t you wondering what kind of title is this? To answer that, we have to go back to my childhood days. We used to play anthakshari a.k.a paattukku paattu (One team sings a song and the opposite team starts singing a song from the last letter that the first team ended with and the game goes on until someone cannot find a song). We would always try to end the song in ‘ta’ so that the other person gets stuck. We have only a few songs that start with ‘ta/da’ . Right now I can only think of these 4 songs. “Darling Darling Darling” from Priya, “Dilli kku rajannalum paatti sollai thattadhe”, “daddy daddy” from Mouna Geethangal and “Toothpaste irukku brush irukku” from Ranga. And the reason for this post, heard a new ta/da song today in Sun TV from the movie Irumbu Thirai which has the beautiful song, “Nejil kudiyirukkum anbarukku naan irukkum nilamai”. The ta/da song is
“Dappa Dappa, Dappa vaangara Dappa thambigaley, Empty Dappa thambigaley, Pazhaiya dappa thambigale, naan thappa nadandhu velai kaali dappaa thambigaley, dappa thambigaley”
Very interesting song. Danaal thangavel acts in this song. I know a new ta/da song now.. Yippeee!!

By the way, this is my 50th post!! Who would have thought I will be blogging this long!!

July 17, 2008


Watched Punnagai, Tamil movie released somewhere in the 1970s, starring Gemini Ganesan, Jayanthi, Nagesh, Muthuraman, MRR Vasu, Major Sundarrajan and others. A very bold story. Even for today’s modern Tamil cinema world. The hero marries the heroine who is raped by some guy and takes care of her and the baby born out of the rape. They both live happily married. Though the ending of the movie is sad, still very interesting movie. The movie is about how four friends take a vow to speak only the truth and stand by the truth. In the movie, Nagesh who is one of the four friends pitches this story to Major in order to get a book contract. So the whole movie is a narration by Nagesh’s character. A unique way of presenting the movie for that time period. The story is by Narayan Sanyal and it is directed by none other than K.Balachander. I wonder why he doesn’t take movies like that anymore. Maybe not many story writers like Mr.Sanyal.

Anyhow, loved the movie. Though I hate Sun TV, they do make me happy by telecasting a few good movies once in a blue moon!

Movies like these make me envy the olden times. Why can’t today’s Tamil moviemakers come out of their boy meets girl kind of story and take some real movies with real stories(with some real actors/actresses).  Even the old movies which revolved around boy meets girl had a pretty tight story line to support it for the most part. Hmm.. if only my wishes were pennies, I would be a billionaire by now. For now, I guess, I should be satisfied watching the old movies.

June 12, 2008

Old Tamil movies

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Thanks to Sun TV, have been regularly watching the old Tamil movies.  In olden days, the tamil movie industry was more creative than today. No doubt. All the movies had a well-defined story line. Was watching Chandralekha. What a beautiful movie! It was cute listening to the tamil spoken during that time. Since the movie was made around 1947, most of the technicians in the movie were British. Tamil movie industry has indeed come a long way in the past 75 years as far as technology goes! If only they start casting movies based on the story line instead of having a heroine, songs, item number, fights,etc since that is what everyone does! There are always exceptions. It will be great if the exceptions become the norm.

Another interesting movie I saw was Nalla Thambi with NS Krishnan, TA Madhuram and Banumathy in the lead. Though Sun TV had kind of butchered the movie trying to fit it in the time slot, it was still nice watching it. Saw Ethir Neechachl last week. What a wonderful movie.  Each and everyone of the character had done a wonderful job . How can anyone who loves Tamil movie ever forget “Aduthathu Ambujaththa paathala” Pattu/Kittu Maami combo!

Finally saw Kalaththur Kannamma. Nice movie. Kamalhassan was wonderful! Such a natural! All the black and white movies have a nice charm about them. Looking forward to catch up with many of them!! Waiting for them to air commedy classics like Bhama Vijayam, Kasi Yathirai, Bommalaattam, etc.

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