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April 23, 2008

Cruise tips


  • Booking in advance gets you the best staterooms and also it is cheaper
  • Priceline has good deals, but if it is a large group, I feel comfortable calling the cruise line directly


  • Lot of vegetarian choices available
  • There is an option of booking Indian vegetarian food for the formal dinners. Talk to your maitre’d on the first day about your food preference.
  • Many soups have chicken/beef broth in them, so enquire if you are particular
  • Need to book dinner time while making the reservation. Usually they have time slots like 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30. So please pick the one that works for the entire gang.
  • For dinner if you are going as couple, you have the option of booking your own table or booking it along with others. Table sizes Small, Medium, Large


  • Kids have lot of activities, pools, camp, daycare, etc
  • Daycare for infants cost about 6$ an hour. Not too bad


  • It depends on the time of the year and where you go. Cruises from Florida are usually warmer than the ones from San Diego. We went during the first of March and it was quite cold and windy on the deck


  • Thankfully none of us got seasick
  • We had one person in our group who was pregnant, we bought those seasickness/motion sickness band for her. It helped on the road trip, she didn’t need it on the ship
  • Staterooms in lower levels and in the middle are more comfortable. Less sea-sickness


  • They have staterooms with balcony. They get sold out pretty fast
  • There are rooms that can accomodate 2,3,4 people in a room. The ones that can accomodate more than 2 people usually have pull out beds. Watch your head when they are pulled out. Many people from our group got pretty badly dinged


  • We had people from all our the world. The reason we chose Mexico was because they let US tourist visa holders with multiple entry US visa to travel without any additional visa

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