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February 11, 2009

My first Experience with….

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Went to work this morning just like any other day. Attended the 10 ‘clock meeting. A co-worker brought bagels and I stuffed about 1 and half. During the meeting, there was an announcement about blood donation camp. I always wanted to donate, but never got to doing it. When I was in school/college, I was afraid of unsterilized needles and diseases. So stayed away from it. After coming to the US, saw the husband donating regularly. But I never took the initiative. Whenever I did try to go, I was disqualified due to my recent India, Mexico, UK, etc trips. Anyway, to nullify the guilt about eating bagel on top of oatmeal breakfast, decided that today was the day to some good. Also was reminded of SK‘s blog about blood donation and that was another inspiration. So went to the camp and got the blood drawn. It was easy-peasy!! They took about a 1 pint of blood(little less than half a litre).

According to California law, I was supposed to rest there for 15 mins. I was perfectly fine for 5 minutes reading the pamplets. Then , I heard the technicians call my name and realized I was beginning to faint. They put some cold clothes on my forehead and neck, then gave me some water. I felt better. After 5 minutes, I walked to the snack area. Opened a packet of shortbread cookies and started munching when I had my second dizzy spell. Then after some fake cough to bring back the circulation, water, cold clothes, felt a little better. Blood pressure had dropped to 70/50. So they made me eat this stupid salty pretzels. That brought the BP up a little. Then a colleague walked me to my office. Had my lunch and then the rest of the day went by without any dizzy spells.

Now I am all high from the good deed for the day!! Will be traveling to India this year so don’t know when I will be able to donate again! 🙂

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