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December 19, 2007

Cancun – The Final Day

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On the last day, we got up, packed our stuff, went down to the beach to absorb as much beauty as we can. Then went to 100% Natural restaurant for breakfast. Had the sandwich and wheat pancakes and some veggie juice. It was pretty good. But the service that day wasn’t very good. They brought the sandwich with the meat while we had ordered the vegetarian sandwich. They forgot to bring the syrup for pancake. When I asked, they did not understand, and finally when they brought it, I was almost done. But I am willing to let it slide assuming it was just a bad day. Then walked over to the flea market to pick up a magnet. The shopkeepers were trying to lure people in. They asked 10USD for a simple tiny magnet. Had to haggle a lot and finally a storekeeper gave it to me for 2USD after warning me that I don’t tell this to anyone. Came back to the hotel, relaxed a bit in the beach and the set out for our trip back home. The valet picked our baggages, and our car was waiting and we left for the aiport at around 1pm. Our flight was at around 4pm. Once we arrived at the airport, the porters where trying to carry our baggages. Shooed them away since the check in is right inside the place where the taxi dropped us. After checking in, browsed some souvenier shop and picked up another magnet. The prize was very reasonable there.

Thought we would pick up some food in the airport. But there weren’t any vegetarian option. They had some chinese, mexican, american food. They were atrociously expensive. We bought a bottle of water for 3$ and a 3 onion rings and 25 pieces of Potato fries for 5$ and shared it since the ice cream was 8$ for a couple of scoops. The flight back was ok. We stopped over in Phoenix, so grabbed dinner there and came back home at around midnight. Thus ended our wonderful vacation!

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December 18, 2007

Airport Security and Liquid restrictions

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The airports have funny security. You cannot carry liquids more than 100ml. Ok. That is simple right! But they do allow you to carry upto 2 litres of alcohol or big bottles of perfume if you are in an international flight and if you had purchased it in a duty free shop inside the airport. So someone buys couple of litres of alcohol or perfume on his/her way from Cancun, Mexico to New York and has a stop over in Phoenix. So from Cancun that person is allowed to carry the alcohol/perfume on board. Once he/she arrives in Phoenix, the security there will not allow him/her to carry the alcohol/perfume on board. What can one do in that situation. Throw the expensive liquor/perfume. Drink or spray it all. Either they allow or not allow. Or at least, they should tell while buying, that they won’t be allowed to carry it on board if they have a connecting flight. It is is just so crazy how this whole airport security operates. No wonder things like these happen.

August 7, 2007

Singapore Changi Airport

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Of all the airports I have landed, boarded and transited, my favourite is still the Singapore Changi airport. Lately I see many people shifting their loyalty to Hong Kong airport. But according to me Changi rules! The facilities that they have is just unbeatable. Every time I transit, I find something new. This time I found a free shower (Everyone knows about the paid shower, this one is free and tucked away in a nook), laptop access cubicles – One can connect your laptop for free from these spots and work on it as long as he/she pleases. And free foot massagers sprinkled all over. I mean what more can you ask for. And if you are into shopping (not me…), you can really shop till you drop here. Also this time I managed to find the free movie theatre upstairs as well. Next to it is an open air garden with beautiful sun flowers. The colorful orchids all over and the 2 Koi ponds are a treat to the tired eyes.

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