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June 17, 2009

Ayan (அயன்)

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Saw Ayan this weekend. Caught it in a low quality DVD. Wish had seen the fight sequences in big screen, since that was the only nice thing about this movie. Thamanna, She can’t act, she is not pretty. Lesser said about her the better! Surya looks good. But he should either use his brain or listen to some one who has brain and pick good movies with good storyline.

The first fight sequence reminds us of Casino Royale and one of the Bourne movies. The first half is loosely based on Blood Diamond. The second half is very much based on Maria full of grace. The ending is like Catch me if you can. Can anyone do any more cut/paste?

Edited to Add: Oh! I completely forgot about the villain. Man, some villains are scary and some villains are smart and some are just handsome. This one beats all. He is dumb. Felt like taking him aside, give a tight slap on his face and give him a good hair cut!


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  1. LOL I agree. Ayan was just leave ur brains and watch kinda movie. Apparently it is the highest grosser in Mumbai too, thanks to the non release of Hindi films for 2 months there.

    I have seen all those movies u mentioned and cant agree more.

    Most Tamil films in the recent times are a sham.

    Sarvam-remake of 21 grams
    Bommalattam could have been a lot better.
    Newtonin 3ram Vidhi-wonder why I saw that !

    Watch Kanjeevaram and Pasanga, both are good and worth the time.

    Watched Kanjeevaram. Very nice movie. Well-taken! Yet to watch Pasanga. I want to catch it in a good DVD. So waiting for it.

    Comment by Pravee — June 17, 2009 @ 11:24 am

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