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January 9, 2009

Rome Part 2

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On Day 2 which was a Sunday, got up early and headed for Vatican to climb the St Peter’s Basilica Duomo. We were there at 8am and had the entire place for ourselves. No one was there, so had a nice climb. The stairs are very narrow and claustrophobic. But it was fun climbing it. Awesome view of the St.Pietro plazza and Vatican from the top. Since no one was there spent some quiet time soaking up the beauty and got down.

St Peter Square from the Duomo

St Peter Square from the Duomo

From there walked to Vittoria plaza. Went inside Vittoria palace. It is a war memorial. From there went to Campodiglio and witnessed the side view of massive Colloseum. Then walked to the Colloseum. Since we had the Roma Pass got in without the standing in the winding queue. The elevator was broken so climbed up the stairs and were awed by the massive structure.  We were remembering the Gladiator movie while standing there. No picture can justify the beauty of it. 



Got out after an hour, escaped the fake gladiators but couldn’t escape this one. Bought some chips and filled ourselves and headed for the Forum. Forum was even more impressive with its temple ruins and palaces. Spent more than couple of hours there. It started drizzling but since it was not heavy enjoyed walking in the drizzle. Got very tired since we had skipped lunch in all this excitement.  Forum is another witness to the intolerence of religion.



Then walked back to the hotel with some gelato to keep us going.  Took some rest and headed to a nearby pizza place for dinner. The food was not so great. After the dinner headed towards Pantheon to see the night view of Rome.  Pantheon and Piazza Navono were buzzing with people. From there headed to Vittoria. It was majestic at night. From there went to Campodiglio, Colloseum and Forum. The columns in Forum were a treat to see at night in the moon light.

Columns at night

Columns at night

Coloseum was even more impressive. It was buzzing with newly weds in their wedding gowns and tuxedos taking pictures at the backdrop of Coloseum. We had fun people watching. The entire night walk was magical. Took the bus back to the hotel and slept like babies.



  1. Niiiiice. Btw, idhu long long ago, so long ago pona trip dhaana? When you visited Ashu and Antu n all? Same trip right?

    Comment by Revathi — January 10, 2009 @ 11:10 am

  2. Yup.. One more day left.

    Comment by yaadayaada — January 10, 2009 @ 4:35 pm

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