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October 19, 2008

Italy Trip Florence Part 3

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On Day 2 in Florence, decided to hit the Dumo and Campanile as early as possible. After a nice breakfast, headed for Duomo. Decided to climb the Campanile first. There were 417 narrow steps to go to the top. Huffing and Puffing reached the top for a wonderful view of Florence. It was fun searching for the Michael Angelo plaza and finding it from the top. Take a look for yourself.

Michael Angelo Plaza from top of Campanile

Michael Angelo Plaza from top of Campanile

Then climbed down and went inside the Dumo and enjoyed the awesome painting of the Ceiling.

Duomo Ceiling

Duomo Ceiling

Decided against going inside the Baptistery. Just took some pictures of the famous bronze door and walked down to Pitti Plaza. Relaxed for sometime there. Did not go inside. Went to the famous vivoli for gelato. Tasty as usual. Then from there went to this great place for lunch. It is called ZaZa. The food was great. Had Florence’s famous Papa al pomodoro and Fettucini with Pesto. The taste is still lingering.
Then exchanged our Travelers Checks. One thing to remember is to exchange money only in American express exchange office. All other places are major rip off. All other places give you at least 80Euro less than Amex. On the way, we saw some great painters painting on the road, sidewalk, etc. Here is a sample:

Sidewalk Paintings in Florence

Sidewalk Paintings in Florence

Then we decided to leave for Rome a little early. Went to the railway station to prepone the tickets only to find that our tickets were missing. Came back running to the hotel to find our tickets in a different bag. Then decided to stick to our old schedule. So dragged our baggages back to the station and left from Florence to Rome at around 6pm.


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