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September 27, 2008

Italy Trip Florence/Pisa – Part 1

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We reached Florence around 7:30pm. We walked to our hotel. Our Hotel was about 10 mins walk from the station. Easy to find and it was 100 yards from the famous Duomo. We were stunned by the Dumo view. We stayed at Hotel Perseo. It was a cute bed and breakfast. The owner Laura suggested a few restaurants. We chucked the  bags in the room and headed for dinner. We went to a nearby restaurant “Ciro & Sons” in via del Giglio as suggested by Laura. It turned out to be awesome. We had the white bean soup and pizza, limoncello and an awesome chocolate dessert. The pickled olives they served with bread was awesome. Came back to the room happy and called it a wonderful day!

Next day morning got up around 7 and had a nice breakfast in the hotel (Husband claims the capuccino was awesome), then left for Pisa. Took the 1 hour train to Pisa. From the station, went to the information center, took the city map and walked towards one of the 7 wonders. Lot of college crowd in Pisa. Also lot of construction going on there. Leaning tower is a good 40 minute walk from the station. Itz a scenic walk.

Scenic walk to the Leaning Tower

Scenic walk to the Leaning Tower

We were thrilled once we got the first glimpse of Pisa. Once we got to the square, we were awed by the leaning tower. Went around the square, clicking pictures of the magnificent Duomo and the leaning tower. Spent about a couple of hours there and returned back to Florence after having our usual gelato in Pisa.

Beautiful Pisa

Beautiful Pisa

On the way back to our hotel, picked up some sandwich. They were ok. Bland, husband was not kicked by it. Since we had the rest of the day with us, decided to head to see the famous David residing at Accademia museum. Everyone other than boo had warned us about the crowd and had asked to us make a reservation. We listened to boo and just walked in to the Accademia with no crowd. For some reason, all the museums had almost doubled their entrance ticket. It was 10Euro for Accademia. But let me tell you this, David was worth every cent. I am in love with David and Michael Angelo. It is sad that we couldn’t take a picture of him.

Since this is getting a long post. Planning to split it. So watch out for Part 2.



  1. I dont remember the scenic route at all. thats a great photo, btw.

    Comment by B o o. — September 29, 2008 @ 8:19 pm

  2. Boo, Did you walk or take the bus? Cousin A said she din’t remember either then realized that they took the bus from the station.

    Comment by yaadayaada — September 29, 2008 @ 10:17 pm

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