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September 20, 2008

Fun at Boodom

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We reached Booville on a Friday morning. Saw cutie pie Antu. She is just so adorable. You can just eat her. That sweet! She was all smiles seeing her periappa. Had a nice lunch thanks to mom and left with Boo to pick up Ashu. Ashu was surprised to see us. After a few minutes, got stuck to her periappa. From then on it was fun, fun, fun! Booville is in a beautiful location. Awesome views from her 10th floor balcony. Green hills, cows, foxes, horses, chickens, corn fields, apple trees, you name it.   On Sunday, Boo’s hd rented a red van and took us all to Rhine Falls. It was just so beautiful. We had to hike down from a castle to the bottom of the river. Then took a boat to the rock in the middle of the river to see the beautiful falls.

View of the castle from Rhine Falls

View of the castle from Rhine Falls

Ashu was so co-operative and walked all the down by herself with her paatti. Antu was so quiet in her sling.  The boat ride was beautiful. It was a thrilling experience climbing the rock in the middle of the river to soak in the view. Please note the boat and the rock in the next picture.

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

Had a nice climb back to the castle and treated ourselves to some awesome cone ice cream. Ashu and Antu were such darlings through out this trip!! We can’t thank Boo and her hd enough for this wonderful trip!!

Spent the next day walking up the hills near Boo’s house and drooling over the apples and walnuts on the trees. On Monday night left for Italy and came back the following Tuesday morning! Though we had great time in Italy, were missing Ashu and Antu terribly. Came back to Booville on Tuesday much to Ashu and our happiness. Had fun playing/singing/talking with Ashu and Antu. Our dad came on wednesday and Ashu switched all her loyalty to her thatha. We used that time wisely with Antu and playing Ticket to Ride Europe with everyone. My mom made thattai, vellaseedai, etc. Boo made her famous pizza and pineapple rasam. I made my famous Sabudhana upma(It wasn’t half as good as her pizza and rasam). Hd got us sprungli cookies, sweets, the awesome McDonalds Veggie burger. Why does Switzerland’s Mc Donalds have nice Veggie Burger, while the US McDonalds doesn’t even know whatz Veggie? Go Figure!

Then after our two weeks vacation, with a very heavy heart said bye to Ashu and Antu and left for home. Should start planning for the next trip! Can’t get enough of Ashu and Antu!


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  1. Sound like a wonderful trip!
    And you climbed that rock in the middle from the boat? oooo… scary stuff!

    So when do we get to hear Italy stories?

    Comment by Reva — September 21, 2008 @ 12:08 am

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