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December 6, 2007

Cancun Trip Day 3

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On Day 3, after the tiring day of Chitzen Itza, got up late and decided to do something on our own. Roamed around the beaches for sometime. Then spoke to the aquaworld representative at the Ritz and booked paradise snorkeling and submarie for the afternoon. Went for groceries and picked up some juices, Mango and Tamarind(Strange but not bad). Walked to Aqua world office about 20 minutes walk from the Ritz. The snorkeling/submarine combo trip was 50 USD per person. They provided drinks and lunch. Had cheese sandwich, fruits and soda. Then off we went in the boat with our snorkel gear and flippers. It was very nice to see that they give brand new snorkeling gear unlike other places like Hawai and Australia. We went through the mangrove forest in the boat. It was beautiful. We reached the submarine area. They took us in a subsee explorer. It was very nice to see the corals, fish, turtle, shark(It was apparently there, we missed it). Had a lot of fun for about 40 minutes. 
Subsee exploring Blue Fish

Then we left for snorkeling in a small boat. Once there we fitted ourselves with the swim gear and off we jumped into the ocean. The corals and fishes weren’t as abundant as we saw in Hawaii or Puerto Rico. No point comparing to Great Barrier Reef. But it was beautiful neverthless. First I saw a huge sting ray. Husband was upset he couldn’t see. Then saw whole bunch of fishes and corals. The fishes were so close to our face. Saw a lot of colorful parrot fish and some electric blue fish, whose name I don’t know about. It was beautiful. Came back to the boat for a drink and got back to the ocean again since hubby was upset since he didn’t get to see the sting ray. Went back again, saw some more fishes and on return saw a huge sting ray. The sting must have been about 4-5 feet. I was reminded about Crocodile man Steve Irwin. I swam back to the boat as if there is no tomorrow and hubby was laughing at me. It was a wonderful trip.
Near Snorkeling area

Then walked back to the hotel. Saw so many vadangai(Tropical Almond) trees on the way. I was reminded of my childhood when my sister boo, our friend V and I used to break these tropical almonds by 100s and eat. So sat by the side walk picking almonds and breaking them much to the amusement/embarassment of husband. He begged, pleaded and threatened me into going back to the hotel.

On the way picked up some snacks and vienetta ice cream(Thought will store in the fridge and eat it for dinner). Came back to the hotel to find that our fridge doesn’t have a freezer. Still stocked the big block of ice cream and went to the pool and jaccuzzi. Had fun seeing the almost full moon again. Had chappathis for dinner since we did not feel like going out.  Then decided to eat the ice cream, saw that it was 30% melted since it was not in the freezer. So decided to split the huge block into 2 and eat it. Sat in the bed eating. Was watching TV as well and by mistake sat on the beautiful ice cream soiling my night dress, bed sheets, carpets. Laughed a lot at my stupidity and called housekeeping to clean it up. Then we went out for a night walk by the beach. It was amazing walking in the beach with the full moon. It started drizzling slowly. Came back to the room and started raining. We called it a day and went to sleep in the cleaned room.

You can see the first 2 parts here: Day 1  Day 2


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