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December 3, 2007

Cancun Trip Day 2 – Chitzen Itza

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After Day 1, we got up early on Day 2 and got ready for Chitzen Itza. Packed some bread and jam for breakfast and rotis and tomato pickle for lunch. (Just as a safety in case we did not find anything vegetarian in the lunch buffet). A rickety old van came and picked us up from the hotel around 7:30am. The took us to the meeting place(Fat Tuesday near Embarcadero) from where the bus leaves. Left for Chitzen Itza in a comfortable luxury tour bus. Chitzen Itza is about 200 kms from Cancun. The guide was explaining about Mayan heritage and Chitzen Itza. The Greyline Volvo tour bus with panaromic windows went through the villages, forests for the next 3 hours to reach Mayaland hotel in Chitzen Itza. We saw a few Indians in the tour. A desi girl and her caucasian girl friend, a newly wed couple and big Gujarathi family. We had a nice lunch in the Mayaland hotel. They had some rice, potato, bread, lot of veg salad and fruit salads and desserts for the vegetarian. Some Mayan folks danced a traditional dance around us. It was entertaining.

Maya dance in Mayaland Hotel

 After that walked to the Chitzen Itza ruin from the Mayaland Hotel entrance. It was an amazing structure. The guide gave good account of the Mayan culture and some of their gory traditions. Saw the amazing pyramid, ballcourt, temple, Hall of pillars etc.
Chitzen Itza pyramid
Chitzen Itza Hall of Pillars

It was amazing to see the architecture. According to Hindu Mythology, Mayan is the architect of the heavens. Is he related to this Mayas???

 Mayans are one of the first to draft an accurate calendar. Their calendar ends on Dec 21st 2012. So some people believe that the world will come to end on that day.

Then did some shopping. There were many Mayans selling the Mayan calendar replicas, magnets, wooden masks, wooded animals, etc. You have to haggle for everything. For instance, they quoted 80 pesos for a bookmark and I haggled & bought 5 for 100 pesos.

 Came back and saw a beautiful peacock roaming in the Mayaland hotel and off we left. There was a Texan couple sitting in front of us in the bus getting drunk and dancing to the songs while sitting. It was funny watching them. Then there was this other middle-aged couple who were always making out across us. I firmly believe that they are having an affair since I have never seen married couple mbaking out in public.. 🙂 So it was an interesting ride back. Came home late, had some chappathis and went to bed. It was amazing to see the full moon again. We were dead tired with all the walking in the ruins. They have banned people from climbing the pyramid. I guess we would have been dead if we had to climb it.



  1. Cool travelogue. Personal butler, prepping the bed for sleeping, sounds awesome. Beautiful beaches amazing ruins, wow! Glad you guys had such an amazing time.

    Comment by utbtkids — December 4, 2007 @ 2:13 pm

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