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July 23, 2007

Strange Airport Security Guidelines

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I was traveling from a major airport to my hometown. Now that I pretty much know the security routintes, I placed all my liquids/gels/paste in the check in and just kept my backpack. After I checked in, I found a water bottle in my backpack. Managed to guzzle the rest of the water and walked through the security with reverence. Opened my backpack, laid out my threatening laptop, dangerous slippers, scary backpack in the belt and guess what happens, the security personnel is just talking to her friend without even a glance at the baggage x-ray passes my baggage. The same thing happenned to the 5 passengers that were standing before and after me. And what do I see at the end, everyone is carrying water and I am the only stupid one with no water and running to find a restroom quick. If this is the way they secure us, why bother posing all the restrictions and confuse stupid people like me.

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  1. And they did nt even let me take a teeny weeny small bottle of water for Ashu. Dont start me on airport security! It annoys me like nothing else! And Im dreading you-know-what! 😦

    Comment by B o o. — July 23, 2007 @ 7:05 pm

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