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July 7, 2007

Blogging Anonymous

Filed under: security — yaadayaada @ 4:50 am

I see many debates going on whether publishing personal information and photographs in the internet is safe or not. Here is what I do. There is already a lot of information about us on the internet whether we want it or not. As soon as we bought our house, our name, address and the price at which we bought the house were on the internet since they are public records. Since most of those are out of my control, the least I could do is not put my personal information by myself on the internet. Google used to have this feature where you enter a person’s phone number and it gives you the name and address. They took that feature down recently. I guess it is a win for the people. StreetView might end up with the same fate. It totally depends on people’s response. Maybe Google will come up with algorithms to mask number plates and people’s faces. But it will still bother me.

I came across this article about corporations digging the internet to find out about a person before hiring them. But I don’t think they can do it for long, since most of the younger generation have their life opened up in the myspace and orkuts. So if corporation in another 5 or 6 years will run out of young people if they rely on information from the internet.

As for posting pictures, even if you have it in a yahoo/picasso/flickr account password protected, it is still out there in the internet. How strong are our passwords? Maybe not tagging the pictures with names might help. So posting pictures for everyone to see in the blog is not that big a deal if you already have pictures in the internet somewhere. You are protected only if you don’t ever upload your pictures in the internet.

All said and done, I still choose to be anonymous to the strangers.


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